Frequently Asked Questions

The Web2day festival has changed some elements regarding it’s management and access control. Please take note of all our novelties!

What’s the Web2day festival and who does it concern?

During 3 full days, the Web2day offers an array of the latest trends and best practices regarding innovations. Conferences, workshops, showroom, start-up contest, parties and more. Digital professionals come to hear about the latest news, find inspiration and learn from top experts.

The festival is for all digital players. It brings together innovative companies, entrepreneurs, investors, institutions, politicians, and media around the web and digital innovation! Start-ups, PME/TPE, advertising and web agencies, CEOs, developers, designers, bloggers, researchers, recruiters…this event is made for you!

Where does the festival takes place and how do I get there?

The Web2day festival takes place at Stereolux, Trempolino and Atlanbois, all of them located on 4 Léon Bureau street in Nantes.

We encourage you to use public transportations.  Here you will find all necessary information to get to the festival:

Do I have access to a parking lot dedicated to the festival?

There are no parking lots dedicated to the festival, and we highly recommend you to use public transportations. Even though there a few existing parking lots in the area, they are costly and very limited.

Is the festival accessible to disabled people?

All festival locations are accessible to people with disabilities.

What time does the festival opens his doors, and how does it work?

We will be welcoming you from June 15th to June 17th starting at 8am.

Several waiting lines will be available for festival attendees on the “Machines de l’Ile” side:

  • Quick lines for those with printed ahead tickets (phone, tablet and computer tickets are not allowed)
  • Slow line for those who need to print their tickets on site

Other waiting lines will be available only for speakers, exhibitors and partners, so they are not accessible to festival attendees.

Some wristbands will be handed out to you at the welcome desk in exchange of you printed ticket.

Security agents will be verifying your wristbands. It’s what allows you to access the festival at every locations.

How do I buy my ticket? Can I buy it on site?

You can only buy your ticket online, from up to 1 day ahead : There are indeed no ticket sales on site, but you can buy your ticket online until the last day of the festival.

What if I forget to print my ticket?

Even though it’s possible to print your ticket over at the festival, we highly recommend you to print your ticket ahead in order to avoid long lines.

Can I enter and leave the festival when I want?

Your identification wristband and your badge will allow you to enter and leave the festival when you want and at all festival locations.

Can I share my wristband with someone?

Badges are nominatives and non-transferable. It is then impossible to share or give away your wristband to someone else. The only way to access the festival is this identification wristband.

I am unemployed, are there any dedicated prices for unemployed people and students?

Yes there are special offers for students and unemployed people. Be careful, those tickets are limited. It is necessary to complete an online form and send us a proof of your status.

Is it possible to eat within the festival?

A restaurant area will be located under the Nefs, however it’s not included in the price of your ticket. There will be various food providers in order to offer you a great variety of food. The Loire river banks are also a nice area to picnic.

How do I access parties?

It will be necessary to subscribe to some of the parties online, and then present your festival wristband at the welcome desk of the party.

Is Wifi available on site?

Yes, wifi is provided by one of our partners.

Are there any phone charging stations?

Yes, several free phone charging stations will be available at the festival.

Can I leave my personal stuff at a cloakroom?

A free cloakroom will be accessible to all festival attendees within the limit of available room. If your stuffs are lost or stolen, festival organizers decline all responsibility.

Will there be a quiet area where I could work?

Festival attendees have access to a coworking area within the festival.

During conferences, am I guaranteed to have a seat?

Sits are not assigned, we invite you to come few minutes early before each conferences.

Am I allowed to ask questions during conferences?

During the last minutes of any conferences, you will have the opportunity to ask your questions to speakers. Don’t be scared, and take the mic :)

Are cameras allowed on site?

Cameras are allowed on the festival site and in conference rooms. However, you must be careful and not disturb speakers during their conferences.

Can I pull out money within the festival zone?

No, there are no cash dispensers on site.

How do I communicate on social networks?

You can use those hashtags: #web2day, #maxiw2d, #microw2d, #GCW2D, #tech2day, #hackthehr

Can I give aways flyers?

It is forbidden to give away flyers or anything else to festival attendees without an autorisation from festival organizers prior to the event.

Can I access the Press Room?

The Press Room is only available to partners, media partners and speakers.

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