Terms and conditions


The association Atlantic 2.0 provides web2day online ticketing services.

Registered office: 11 impasse Juton – 44000 Nantes – FRANCE

Legal representatives: Julien Hervouët, Atlantic 2.0 President & Adrien Poggetti, Atlantic 2.0 CEO

www.web2day.co website host: Alwaysdata, 62 rue Tiquetonne

75002 Paris – FRANCE – www.alwaysdata.com

SIRET: 510 377 435 00027

N° Id. TVA: FR24510377435

Phone: +332 40 75 96 22

These general terms of sale are provided for the purpose of enabling buyers to place an order on web2day ticketing services for the digital festival web2day that will take place on 2015, June 15-16 & 17 exclusively.

Atlantic 2.0 is the organizer, in its own name.

Consequently, these general terms and conditions of sale only concern ticket sales and by no means the event itself.
By using any functionality of the web2day website or app, the buyer acknowledges his complete acceptance, without exception, of the general sales conditions.


1.1 Terms and prices

The online ticketing service will be available from 2015, December 17th to 2016, June 17th.
All prices are in euros and VAT included.

The price of admission may vary based on the date of purchase.

Rate plans:
Flash sale n°1: 99€ (3-day-ticket) from 2015, December 17th at 12 pm to December 18th at 12 pm

Flash sale n°2: 109€ (3-day-ticket) from 2016, January 21th at 12 pm to January 22nd at 12 pm

Early bird n°1 : 149€ (3-day-ticket) – from 2016, February 22th to March, 31th

Early bird n°2 : 189€ (3-day-ticket) – from 2016, April 1st until May 8th

Full price: 99€ (1-day-ticket) and 249€ (3-day-ticket) from 2016, May 9th to June 17

Students  can benefit from reduced rate: 49€ (3-day-ticket), only after the end of “early bird” sale (i.e. 2016, May 9th), and only if the buyer sent supporting documents to contact@web2day.co.  Students  will have to present current photo ID at the welcome desk on the day of the event.

A « Bundle Formation Pro » price will allow participants who want to, to register under the professional training title to come participate to the Web2day. This 3 days pass of a value of 500 euros includes an access to the festival, onsite catering, and a privileged access to technical workshops. The ticketing management system will be established by OXiane, a company accredited by educational institutions (OPCA).

A « Bundle classic registration » of a value of 500 euros will be set up, and will include a 3 days access to the festival,  onsite catering, as well as a privileged access to technical workshops.

The flash sale won’t be available for a 1-day-ticket.

The flash sale and early bird tickets won’t be available to :
– Structures making their purchases via order forms
– Structures proceeding to a payment post-event

The price of admission is indicated on the ticket (face value).

The admission pass will be billed according to the rate in effect at the moment the order is placed.

Within the framework of its membership in 2016, every member of the network Atlantic2 will receive a 3 days pass.

Be careful in 2016 the price rates of group will not be set up.

The organizer reserves the right to offer preferential rates up to 20% to its annual partners, as well as to the partner networks with who he collaborates.

The organizer reserves the right to offer 3 day pass to partner organizations.

The organizer reserves the right to offer two 3 day pass to former 2015 speakers.

The organizer reserves the right to offer pass at the price of 149 euros to Global Challenge applicants who weren’t selected for the startup contest.


During the periods of sales Flash in December, 2015 and in January, 2016, it will be possible for a person to buy several places via Paypal or Bank card. Once the validated purchase, the person will receive a promotional code by email. This unique code for the number of bought places must be transmitted to the future participants who will create their account on the site www.web2day.co to get back their ticket and print it before the event.

Atlantic 2.0 disclaims all liability in case of misuse / distribution of code once the validated and paid purchase.


3.1 Availability

The number of places on sale during Sales Flash is not limited in quantity.

3.2 Seating arrangement & movement in the event area

A seating plan cannot be provided and no complaints will be accepted regarding the lack of reserved seating.

Web2day festival occupies several buildings in and around Stereolux. Admission passes will be checked at the entry of all the event areas and under the nave. All the participants must present their tickets each time they are asked to.

The press room located in the nave is strictly reserved for the accredited journalists, speakers and web2day partners.


All the orders, wherever they come from, must be paid in euros.

The following credit cards are accepted on www.web2day.co: CARTE BLEUE / VISA, EUROCARD/MASTERCARD or PAYPAL or Bank Transfer. The buyer’s bank account will immediately be debited for the amount of tickets and additional services.

The payment by check is not allowed.

Sales will not be considered final until receipt of an email of confirmation from web2day ticketing services with the reservation number.

By the end of the transaction, the client will find a receipt on the purchase confirmation page and his www.web2day.co customer account.


www.web2day.co has entrusted its payment system to the specialist in online payment security : PAYBOX.

We guarantee the absolute confidentiality of your bank information. It is protected by SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) protocol, which systematically checks the validity of access rights when you pay by credit card and encrypts all exchanges in order to guarantee confidentiality, and the PPPS solution.


In order to fight against fraud, notably credit card payment fraud, Atlantic 2.0 reserves the right to use the client’s personal information to contact him, to ask him to show an official photo ID and to cancel the ticket purchase.

The client bank account will be refunded at the end of this process.

The tickets are non transferable, a new control system will prevent fraud and admission tickets sharing.


7.1 Collection and use of data

By ordering through the web2day ticketing services, participants consent to the use of those items of personal information which are necessary to ensure the proper processing of orders.

Participants are informed that their personal information, i.e. all information requested of them, in particular at the time they register for the event, and that enables them to be (directly or indirectly) identified (such as their surname, first name, email, phone number…) is indispensable for registration and gaining admission to the web2day.

For these purposes, personal information, is processed electronically, and such processing is reported to the French National Data Protection Authority (Commission Nationale Informatique et Libertés or CNIL) (registration #1818819v0).

7.2 Purpose

For the purposes of participating to the event, all or some of this personal data may be used:
• for security reasons
• to improve Atlantic 2.0/web2day services and information to its clients
• to inform the participants of any postponement or cancellation of the event

7.3 Access to data

For the purposes of participating to the event, all or some of this personal data may be communicated to third parties that have entered into contract with the organizer. They strictly respect the obligation of confidentiality.

7.4 Purchaser agreement

Optionally, the buyer can subscribe to web2day newsletter. To stop receiving web2day newsletter, the buyer just needs to send an email to contact@web2day.co.

7.5 Right to access, correct and oppose

In conformance with Article 34 of the ‘Freedom of Information’ law of 6 January 1978, the buyer has the right to access, rectify or eliminate all data which concerns him at any time. In order to exercise this right and obtain a copy of the information, simply send a request by email to contact@atlantic2.org or post to the corresponding address below indicating your name, surname, address, email address and the copy of your photo ID to Atlantic 2.0, 11 impasse Juton 44000 Nantes FRANCE.

7.6 Photography and filming (audio and video)

The participant is informed that the taking of photographs and/or the making of audio and video recordings by other participants is possible but he can oppose this process. The organizer is exempt from any liability in this regard.

Unless participants expressly communicate their opposition, participants authorize, free of charge, the organizer and its partners to photograph and/or record the voice and image of the participant(s) and to communicate to the public, in the whole world, such photos and/or recordings, which may be presented (in particular in the form of live or delayed broadcasting), reproduced without limit as to the number of reproductions and published, in the whole world, for a period of five (5) years, in any format (in particular, downloadable formats, including MP3, podcasts and webcasts), using any method or process known or unknown at this time, in whole or in part, on all tangible or intangible media known or unknown at this time, including but not limited to paper, optical, analogue and digital media (CDs, DVDs, etc.), or over an electronic network (the internet and, in particular, the websites of the organizer and its partners), and on any other promotional or marketing tool it may use for information or promotional purposes.


By placing an order and checking the box, the buyer acknowledges his/her complete acceptance, without exception, of these General terms and conditions of sale.

In the absence of evidence to the contrary, data collected by Atlantic 2.0 will prove the transactions processed on www.web2day.co by the client.


From the confirmation of the purchase during flash sale, the customer receives an email containing a unique code for the number of bought places.

He must be transmitted to the future participants who will create their account on the site www.web2day.co to get back their ticket and print it before the event.

Atlantic 2.0 disclaims all liability in case of misuse / wrong distribution of the code once the validated and paid purchase.


11.1 Ticket resale

Each ticket is nominative, personal and non transferable. The ticket can be resold only in conformance with the French law n° 2012-348 of 12 March 2012 regarding sports or cultural events organization.

11.2 Ticket duplication

The distribution, reproduction or sale of admission passes in order for any person other than the participant to derive a profit therefrom is strictly forbidden and is liable to prosecution. Each electronic ticket has a unique bar code which permits the access of only one spectator to the web2day. Only the first copy of the electronic ticket presented to the bar code reader will give access to the festival. All other copies of the same e-ticket will be refused and the access to the festival denied. No refund will be offered.

11.3 Ticket validity

The ticket is valid only for 2016 web2day, 1 day or 3 days according to the ticket type.
The client must keep the ticket until the end of the event.


12.1 Irrevocable participation

In conformance with Article L. 121-21-8 of the French Consumer Code, the participation contract is final and irrevocable.

12.2 Refund and exchange

Ticket is not exchangeable or refundable (with the exception of the occurrence described in Article 12.3) even if the client did not use it.

12.3 Postponement or cancellation of the event

If the event had to be cancelled, only the initial buyer may be refunded the amounts of his participation fee, and only if asked within 2 months after cancellation.

If the event had to be cancelled upon the occurrence of a force majeure event, participants will not be refunded.

A force majeure event is any new health, climatic, economic, political or social situation, at the local, national or international level that:
– is not reasonably foreseeable at the time the event is advertised to participants
– is beyond the organizer’s control
– makes it impossible to hold the event or creates risks of disturbances that may seriously affect the organization and proper functioning of the event or the safety of property and persons.

Until the date on which registration closes, participants shall assume all risks associated with the non-occurrence of the event and, in particular, they alone shall bear costs they may have chosen to incur in anticipation of the event.

If the event is postponed, the refund of the participation fee or the exchange of the tickets will be at the digression of the organizer. Only the initial buyer is eligible for refund or exchange.


13.1 Liability of the organizer

The association Atlantic 2.0 is responsible to its clients for the good faith execution of the contract, in conformance with Article 121-20-3 alinéa 4 of the French Consumer Code.

The organizer shall not be liable for any cancellation upon the occurrence of a force majeure event (i.e. article 12.3).

13.2 Loss or theft

The association Atlantic 2.0 shall not be liable for any loss or theft of the admission passes.

The organizer declines all responsibility for any damages or loss relating to objects belonging to participants.

13.3 Liability of the client

By purchasing an admission pass to the web2day festival, the buyer acknowledges his complete acceptance, without exception, of the general sales conditions. The participant must respect the event place internal rules or will be liable.


For any request, or to place an order by phone, please contact Atlantic 2.0 : +332 40 75 96 22, or contact@web2day.co.

Offices are open Monday to Friday, 9AM to 7PM.


The present general sales conditions are subject to French law.

French courts shall have sole jurisdiction in case of litigation.

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